Membership Information

We are a new club.  This means that the future of the club is uncertain.  I wouldn't feel right, charging an "annual membership" if we are only going to be around for 6 months.


To get around this, I am proposing an entry fee to our quarterly meetings.  If the subject is not right for you or you're not interested, then you don't need to go and don't need to pay.


Initially, I believe a $5 entry fee is more than enough.  If we continue to grow, would like to pursue advertising, event sponsorship, etc., then we can revisit this. Membership will extend until the next meeting that is unattendend and unpaid.  

Additionally, if anyone at anytime, would like justification for where this money is going, what the club has taken in and what it has paid out, please let me know and I will be completely transparent and "open the books".

If anyone feels so inclined to donate, please click the "Donate" button below

Planned Member Benefits


My intention is to make the status of membership mean more than just attending meetings.


In the coming months, I am also going to reach out to craftsmen, artisans, dealers, etc. and see if there would be an opportunity to provide discounts for members.


I am also planning a few Member's Only pages on the website to include, but not limited to: 

  • Members Only Market Place

  • Member lists including field(s) of study and specialization (only for those who sign up to be on the list)

  • Trusted Dealers, Craftsmen, and Services list.  Only including commercial providers that members have had positive experiences with.

  • References and reading lists

  • And more