Tokuoki Fuchi/Kashira

Fittings Information:

Type: Fuchi/Kashira

Mei:  Tokuoki

Date/Era: Edo

Material: Shibuichi with details in gold

School: Hideoki School of the Otsuki Tradition

Area: Yamashiro

Authentication/Papers: NBTHK Hozon


Fitting Details:

Kashira Length: 3.5 cm
Fuchi Length: 3.8 cm
Koshi Length: 1.2 cm

The Shitodome, which are solid gold, and another indicator of supreme quality.

Artist Information:


At the age of 15, he began his carrier as an apprentice under Kawarabayashi
Hideoki a famous craftsman of the Otsuki tradition, and at the age of 25,
eventually married his teacher’s daughter. After becoming an independent
craftsman, and getting a reputation as a highly skilled craftsman, he was
given the task of engraving a sword for the Tokugawa Shogun. He performed
this job so satisfactory that the Shogun bestowed on him the title of Osumi
Daijo. At this time, he was around the age of 50. The year after, at the age of
51, he was given the task of ornamenting a Tanto for the Emparor Komei. The
emperor was so impressed by his skills that he gave him the name Ichigyosai,
to use as he saw fit. 

Looking at the Fuchi kashira, it becomes evident, just how
skilled this unique craftsman really was. The art work is truly splendid and the
item would be a center piece in most collections.